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Meet Harshala


Namastey !!

I am Harshala, a multi potentialite and single mommy. I quit my bachelors degree after first year to pursue my passion for creation. For as long as I could remember, I wanted to create.

My teenage years were spent on my brother's PC following We Heart It (the Pinterest of our times) and playing online games. 

Honestly, if it weren't for my parents and their expectations for a regular career I would have been a professional gamer or a blogger (sooner).


All in all in 2013, I finally gathered up courage to follow my passion and started a blog. I failed at my first blog because life had some grand plans for me. I choose the path of single motherhood and at 20 I became a single mommy. 


I restarted my career as a blogger and got the opportunity to work with amazing brands such as Netflix, Novotel, FirstCry. After my successful stint in the Mom Blogging industry for 4 years, my Instagram account was hacked and deleted. My world collapsed as I had just quit my full time job as a social media manager to focus full time on blogging. 

Restarting was scary and the world was not kind enough to let a single mom survive in this society. Blogging pays you well but starting from scratch meant going broke so with whatever little I had in my bank, I poured it into making and selling paper planners and stickers and that is how A Week In Life Studio was born.


Harshala & Ira

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On 13th November 2018, I started A Week In Life Studio

(named after my blog - A Week In Life) made our first planners while bleeding for 52 days due to Uterine Polyps and we were sold out in just 12 days. Post that we launched our Gratitude Journal in February 2019. My health got worse due to menorrhagia and had to be on complete bed rest. We did not make any planners in 2019, and I was financially dependent on my mother for the later part of the year. Finally got my surgery done and things got better but only for a while because 2020.

We had grand plans for 2020, my mum was going to join our team, we were going to get our first office space and restart our journey but our world stopped just like yours.


With great courage and just 5000 in my hands, I decided to restart our journey as Flawsome Studio at the end of 2020. I made planners for 2021 and yet again were sold out in just 7 days all thanks to our Flawsome family all over the world. 

In April 2021, my mum joined our team and we were able to establish ourselves from a just planner brand to a lifestyle brand by launching handmade jewellery, bags, hair accessories, candles and more.


If you have read till here, I would like to give you a big hug and a warm thank you for your kind gesture. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated about our journey!

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