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10 Reasons to be happy when you are pregnant

If you already know me, you know my story. But if you are reading my blog for the first time, then let me quickly tell you my story. My pregnancy was an unplanned one. It was detected in the late second trimester and was not a happy one. Till my child turned 2 months old I was in severe depression and I don’t really know what pregnancy feels like or what it feels like to be loved by someone special while you are pregnant.

The words that I heard in those few months that I remember are Unwanted, abortion, adoption, and shame. Many of you are going through similar situations where you are unsure of how to feel. This post is inspired by a woman in my life whom I met on Baby center in November 2014 birth club. She is expecting her second child and due to some personal reasons, she was stressed.

This post is a reminder to all you lovely pregnant moms out there to be happy because trust me I regret not being happy back then. Here is a quick list of 10 reasons why to be happy when you are pregnant even when there is stress around you –

You still have time to enjoy your pregnancy. You can plan in the coming months and be prepared financially, physically, emotionally and mentally.

A chance to meet your new best friends. I met mine at Baby Center and they have always been there for me and my daughter.

You can start a pregnancy and baby blog for free and document all the moments and emotions you feel. PS – you also have an option to keep it a secret blog and only users you approve can read it.

The movement of life inside you. No other feeling can match this one.

Deciding on your child’s name.

The late night cravings.

The feeling you get when you realize you created this life.

The sweet pain of labor.

You will hold your lifeline soon.

Waking up next to your baby in your house and knowing you are special for them.

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