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12 things women need to stop apologising for in 2019

1. Saying No

Believe it or not, you have the right to say NO and you don’t need to be guilty or apologise for saying no to anybody. Be it your children, your family, your colleagues or even your boss. Like the opposite gender you have a choice to make and if you choose NO everybody gotta accept it.

2. The way your body looks

Every single life on this planet is born just the way they are. It doesn’t matter what the world thinks about your short hair, your complexion, your height or your cellulite. Even when you know you need to adopt healthy habits. No other person has a say in it. And you certainly don’t need to be sorry about the way your body looks today.

3. Exploring your sexuality

If you love sex, it’s time to stop apologising for it. The world that we live in have words for you just because you do what you want. But think about it… will a man ever be called a slut, whore or bitch for exploring his sexuality? No right? Then just screw the people who are frustrated with their own sexual life and focus on enjoying yours.

4. Having Goals

Before Marriage – Oh my! You have goals? You should focus more on how to cook and clean the toilets because who will marry you otherwise?

After Marriage – Oh! Goals! She says she has goals? Who will look after my son and the house? (Just tell them she should look after her son and her house just the way you did before marriage)

After Kids – Who will take care of kids? They are not puppies whom you will see 10 minutes before going to office and 2 hours after coming to office. (Believe it or not, a celebrity wife said this, yes a fellow woman!)

Will the husband or the father be asked the same question? Of course not! Then stop apologising because you have every right to have a vision and goals.

5. Taking time for yourself

Easier said than done. I believe a little compassion towards our own well being will help us go a long way. If you want to take that vacation or spa day and you are feeling guilty because your boss or colleages will make you feel that way then stop apologising. You need time for yourself. End of story.

6. For having a emotional reaction

We all have cried or cribbed about something to a friend, family member or in online forums. And at the end of all those big emotions there comes a word “SORRY” for being this way. You need to stop apologising for feeling something. Good or Bad it doesn’t matter. You felt it and you cannot unfeel it.

7. For having an opinion

If you have opinion on something, say it out loud enough so that the last person in the room is able to hear it. And when you do, OWN IT! You have an opinion and every single person is supposed to listen to you. Being sorry for having one is like being a plant without roots.

8. For dressing up as you wish

Oh the fashion & beauty standards that the world has created for us women! To top it all if its a wedding you need to bath in gold, if its a family outing no sleeveless or short dresses.Well, if you are comfortable in wearing something. STOP caring about what others have to say. Even your family members. They have all the right to dress up as per their wishes. And you don’t have to be sorry for turning up in a dress that you find comfy.

9. Being Ambitious

If you like working, you like working! No one has a say in it. And NO one gets to guilt you for being Ambitious. If you ask me what to choose between your ambitions and a partner who wants you to give up on your ambitions. I would say choose your ambition. And never ever feel guilty for choosing it.

10. For choosing your family

I quit my job a year ago for my daughter. I missed exams for my daughter for 4 semesters. My classmates went way ahead of me and my colleagues rolled their eyes when I walked out of the door. Do I care today? Hell no! Because choosing the most important people over everything else is what will keep you happy in your time of need.

11. For wanting a good relationship

Many of us do not have a healthy relationship with their partners. While the world might tell you that this is how life is or you are doing a mistake by ending the relationship. You do not need to apologise for ending a bad relationship. I am not only talking about a romantic relationship or marriage but also other relationships that we have in our life, some we choose to be in and some choose us. If its time to move on, just move on and don’t be sorry for doing what is good for you.

12. For Being a Woman

Well, this one is on the list. Because if you are a woman you have at least once in your life were asked to be sorry for who you are. For being the gender you are. For being your feminine self. For being your non feminine self. For just being yourself. Well now it’s time to stop apologising. Because Sorry is said when you do a mistake and your life is not a mistake!

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