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15 things to do when you are stressed

Stress – a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. (Source – google)

Now that you know what stress is, I feel you know how common it is in our everyday life. We are stressed most of the times, even we know it is not good for us. Here are some easy ways how I try to relax in stressful situations.

1. Do something about it

This is the easiest yet the toughest one. We know we are stressed and sometimes the stress is carried on for days. Just because we try to ignore it or take it up as a impossible problem to solve. I know nothing is going to change unless I do something about it. Sitting there and holding a gun on my forehead is not my cup of tea. If I don’t do something about it, it will eventually kill me. So its better I suit up or sit in my PJ’s waiting it to kill me.

2. Read

If you are a reader, read a self help book or blog. Reading helps us find a solution to our stress/problem more easily. Because believe it or not it is still running in your subconscious mind. Any books from the secret series help you to relax instead of think about it. Because it actually tells you that you got this shit, you are going to rock! Reading blog posts, also helps a lot to know we are not alone in this and many a types helps us understand the impossible.

3. Watch

If you are not the reader types, than go watch a video to relax. There are hundreds of spiritual speakers out there who can lift up you mood instantly. I prefer watch ted talks and interviews of inspiring people. It helps me many a times, but I am more of a writer than a listener, reader or watcher.

4. Write it out

Write it all out, even if you cry while doing so. It feels so much simpler when you actually write it out without the fear of being judged. If you know me personally, you know what kind of diary/journal junkie I am! I have more than 50 filled diaries already lying in my wardrobe. I will not say I am a great writer or I have an extra ordinary vocabulary. And guess what? you don’t need to write like an editor, you just need to write what your heart holds. Write like a writer, write like yourself and you will know the difference it makes in your life.

5. Apply Nail paint

This is an instant mood lifter, you take out your favourite nail paint and concentrate on applying it like a pro. And once you are done, you know you gotta admire your new babies 😀 . Don’t believe me? Try it and let me know your experience.

6. Take a shower

It’s 6:47PM here in India and I took a shower at 6 before actually sitting on my desk to write this post. Actually to write 13 blog posts, make content for my FB groups and many more pending tasks. And believe me I am going to totally slay (unless a crying toddler interrupts) it because I feel so fresh right now. I don’t even feel like lying on my bed and burrowing myself in stress. If you are lazy, just wash your face and relax.

7. Turn off your phone

In today’s times when internet and mobile phones are basic necessities, me asking you to turn them away sounds foolish. But believe me or not, it is important for you to stay away from distractions that actually help you retain your stress instead of making you relax.

8. Power Drink

Avoid caffeine if you can and for a change indulge in water. I know many of you run on coffee and tea, but WATER is the new in thing you know. Try tasting it for a while and you’ll get a hang of it. Plus its healthy too. Drinking water rehydrates your body making you feel fresh.

9. Music

Listen to an inspiring playlist or just any other song that makes you feel good about yourself. We all know the power of music, it can make us cry as well as make us smile.

10. Run/Walk

Go out in the fresh air and jog/walk/run. Whatever you are comfortable doing, bonus is a superb play list.

11. Talk to your mentor

We all have that mentor whom we trust, you know only talking to them about your issues makes you feel better. I have that one person whom I vent to, I have found her so comforting that only venting makes things so easy for me. The advice she gives me is so helpful to me, that I know when I talk to her I am already feeling better.

12. Apply Lipstick

This trick totally works for me, I believe in the quote if you are stressed, apply some lipstick and attack 😛 A red lipstick brightens my day/night. Go for your favourite shade and let it make you feel special.

13. Spend time with your loved ones

Spending some time with your loved ones surely helps you to forget about everything that bothers you. Ira is like a therapy for me, when I am stressed or depressed I just play ball with her or tickle her. I can’t express how blessed I feel when I am with her.

14. Sleep

If you think you have had enough for the day take a nap or just go hot your bed early. Give your mind the rest it deserves. Things will get simplified on their own when you have the energy to deal with them.

15. Ignore

When it takes too long, weeks or months to get things straight just ignore the thing that is stressing you. The more you think about it, more it gets on your nerves. I did this when my court case for Ira’s birth certificate was getting delayed last year. Its been year, now I don’t let it bother me because I know its going to take the time it needs and all I can do is focus on more better things.

These are a few things I do when I feel stressed. If this post was helpful to you do let me know in the comments below.

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