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Being a mother is a very beautiful and amazing experience which requires you to be on your toes even on the best of your days. You have to sacrifice sleep, proper diet as well as love life to take care of your babies. In this case, don’t you wish to cool your mind for some time or just be with yourself and in the present without thinking much about the future? Don’t you feel the need to reconnect with yourself and calm the crazy you? That’s why meditation is just for mommies like you. Here I present a simple technique of meditation which can be practiced by you even during busy days.

A simple but effective Meditation technique

I know taking time from your busy schedule is quite tough for you. Hence, here I provide a simple technique to meditation that will not take more than 10 minutes. I am sure you can afford this much time for yourself. This act of self-love is sure to benefit you and your entire family!!

1. Choose your happy zone

This can be the quiet corner of your room or terrace/balcony area. It should be a place which is peaceful and will give you the much-needed privacy you want.

2. Search for your meditation time

Ideally, it should be that time of the day when you are free from all distractions and can sit in peace. If possible then try to meditate as soon as you wake up in the morning and before your baby rises. This will help to set the entire tone of the day. If that is unlikely then do it whenever possible but make a habit of doing daily.

3. Breathe

Wear comfortable clothes, make your body straight (you can even buy a meditation chair) and bring your entire focus on normal breathing. Your mind may start wandering by other thoughts but bring your attention back to your breathing. You can even form mental images such as a ship bobbing up and down on ocean waves just like you swell and lull your breath. Or it can be a lotus flower that is unfurling its beautiful petals with every breath you take. You can even download free audio mediation from the net that will produce a soothing effect.

Why meditate?

Everyone mediates with a different reason in mind which can be to develop spirituality or come out of emotional issues. But as a mommy, meditation is sure to touch several areas of life. It can help you decrease stress, aid in better management of emotions, letting go off mental distractions and make you more attentive towards the needs of your kids and family. All in all meditation is a perfect antidote for multi-tasking mamas like you. Dwell into the process and get access to multiple benefits. And do let me know about your meditative experience in the comment section given below.

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