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Bag it up!

A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag; even when you get to the bottom of it, there is always something at the bottom to surprise you. – Billy Connelly

A handbag is a powerful accessory. Like if you pair a powder pink handbag with a grey dress, it can make you look effortlessly chic. I’ve always heard the word “purse” in my childhood. The term “handbag” is now trending. Can you believe the term handbag came out in the early 1900s? Over the years, handbags have witnessed changes in their size, shape, material and generally from an item of functionality to an eye candy.

Here are ten types of Handbags

Sling bag

A sling bag is a functional, chic and comfortable accessory. Also known as the crossbody bag, these typically have a long strap that you are supposed to wear across your body. The straps are usually made of thick leather or chains. If you are the comfort loving type this bag is for you. I discovered sling bags in my college days and never did I carry any other bag until I found my new love about which I’m going to talk next.


Backpack is the ultimate hands free accessory. It is the most versatile bag ever. You could be a college student or a working woman, a backpack’s got you girl! Any new moms or moms to be out there looking for the perfect diaper bag, get a backpack. I used to carry a shoulder diaper bag and then I saw a youtuber get a backpack and never went back. You can carry your tech accessories, your baby bottles all in the same bag. Heck I carry everything from my baby snacks, bowls, and favourite toy to an extra outfit!

The shoulder bag

This one is the most used very trendy bag. You can carry everything you own in here, that’s what we already do right? Carry our entire house with us ”Just in case” you might run into a sewing emergency on the go. These are bigger in size and usually composed of one large pocket with small compartments around them. These range in price from cheap supermarket versions to high end luxury ones.


These were initially used to carry books by students. These days they are used by working women and men for that matter. Remember Joey’s man bag in FRIENDS. It can house your everyday essentials plus gadgets. It marks the line between handbag and laptop bag. It is slightly larger than a sling bag.

Hobo bag

It is more like a small sized shoulder bag. Same style but less wider than shoulder bag. These are usually crescent shaped.


It is light weight small bag mainly suited for formal events. When you wear a fancy dress you can’t support a large bag, right? A clutch comes in handy here. You can put your bare essentials like a lipstick and some cash and you are good to go. Plus it is a sign of pure sophistication. It is the bag the royalty carries.


It is a hard body clutch with clasp and embellishments. These are usually carried by brides on their wedding day. These are statement pieces. These are usually just meant for showy purposes, to complete your look rather than being functional. Remember Carrie Bradshaw’s Duck-shaped purse in HBO series Sex And The City?

The tote

This is the shopper’s purse. These are generally huge. Although there are a variety of sizes available. Most clothing brands put out totes every now and then. These are usually made of canvas and rarely leather. It can house all a girl can shop, or maybe not? No designer can ever come up with a bag that can contain all we desire!

The baguette

This bag was named after baguette bread loaf. It is a Parisian petite frame bag which became famous when Carrie Brashaw from SATC carrying the iconic Fendi baguette in that red top. I can still recall the scene! It is supposed to carry your everyday essentials: your phone, some makeup, a notepad and some tissues.


Out of all the bags listed above, a wallet is the most important inclusion of any bag. Everyone needs money and the proper way to keep it is in a wallet (not to mention the times when we just shove in some cash and go our way). A wallet has slots for your cash and cards.

These are the broad types of handbags that I can think of. What is your favourite type of bag that you can’t live without?

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