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Be Decor Ready!

Hey girls! What’s up? Sharing a quote with you that I adore:

Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love. Nate Berkus

I have always loved decorating. I even wanted to study Interior Designing, but that didn’t happen. Maybe soon, who knows? Why me, we all love to live in a well-decorated space that says a lot about our personality. Recently, I’ve started converting a spare room into my office. So I thought, why not share the journey with you guys as well?

How to proceed with decorating a room?

Finds tons of pictures

First and foremost, go to the web to find pictures of rooms that you love. You can make your picks from Pinterest or Instagram. There are gazillions of photographs on these two platforms. You don’t have to worry about finding something particular at this point. Just go crazy with pictures and save save save.

Find your inspiration

Inspiration for my office: Pink, candles, flowers and unicorns.

Once you have saved a big load of pictures, try finding the similarities in them. Maybe a huge number of pictures you have saved have whites in them. Maybe a lot of them have vibrant colours. You see what I am trying to do here? Clear your mind for that Epiphany to strike. Oh, I must love everything colourful! That my darling, is your style.

Narrow down your search

Now, from all the pictures that cater to your inspiration, try pointing out to a theme. For example, if you like rooms with less clutter, minimal elements, neutral colour palette, a large sofa and green indoor plants: you are going for a Modern-Minimalistic Theme. If you love vibrant colours, warm and cosy ambience, ethnic or tribal inspired patterns: you are more likely deviating towards a Bohemian theme. Also, you don’t have to restrict your style into one theme. Mixing and matching is fun too!

Select the key pieces

Next up is- selecting the key-pieces from your inspiration. Like keep admiring the colourful textured whimsical rug in all your pictures. You keep telling your friends and family about it, “There was this rug in a photo I saw online, it is everything. Those colours and texture, it looks handmade. Where can I find it?” That is your key piece. Find more of them, the large L-shaped sofa, the golden plant pot, a giant mirror, anything. Build your entire look around it.

Make your budget

Once you have your inspiration and key-pieces sorted out, make your budget. If it helps, write down the money you’d like to spend on this particular room and go from there. Burning a hole in your pocket us no fun. Here I am only talking about the budget for décor items, the painting and construction costs are a separate issue.

Invest in good key pieces

From your budget, give maximum share to your key-pieces. These are the ones which are going to speak for you. Buy that great rug instead of the okay one. Buy the awesome sofa! Everything else can be adjusted from there.

Be smart

See how that ladder is being used as a stand for throw blankets. Love!!

Now this is where it all really starts. Find the pieces you want to buy and go online. Search everywhere. Buy cheap but don’t compromise with the quality. You can repurpose some of your old items like trays, jewellery boxes, bedsheets. If you want a marble or granite table top, you don’t have to buy a new one, you can simply get a sheet of contact paper of the size you want and stick it on your old table. Voila you have a brand new marble top table!

These are my top ideas for decorating your home. If anyone is interested I’d love to recommend some good sites for buying the best pieces. I’ll be back with more on decor.



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