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Books every expecting mom should read

When I got the news that I was pregnant, I really didn’t get much time to enjoy my pregnancy or experience it. But if I got a chance again, I am surely going through these books again because they literally thought me everything about pregnancy. So here is a list of books every expecting mom should read. Few books are recently launched and they still made it to the list because I loved what they had to offer.

Pregnancy Notes by Rujuta Diwekar

This is number one on the list because it is the best book I have read so far. It is not a boring book which your hormones can’t handle. The book has a voice that keeps you interested and informed at the same time. If you have read Rujuta Diwekar’s previous books you know what her voice is and how interesting her books are.

Garbha Sanskar by Shri Balaji Tambe

This book was given by one of my aunts to me and this was the first book that I ever read while I was pregnant. I read the Marathi version of the book and it was very informative for a new mom like me.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting by Heidi Murkoff

The information that this book holds, no other books has. But it is slightly difficult for Indian moms to follow everything. It is the most informative guide to pregnancy.

The Pregnancy Handbook for Indian Moms by Dr. Vinita Salvi

This book answers almost all your queries that arise in your First Trimester. As it is written by a doctor the approach to pregnancy is medical and not Nani maa k nuske version.

I am Pregnant, Not Terminally ill you idiot by Lalita Iyer

This is one hilarious book of what to expect during pregnancy and post birth in an Indian household.

Do let me know which book was the most helpful one in the comments below!

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