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Choosing the perfect brand name

For some creative heads, narrowing down a blog name is a cakewalk. But for some, it could be a real pain. Starting a business is an onerous thing to do but choosing a brand name/blog name is tougher than that. Your blog/brand name is a set of words which tell your readers and customers about you and your brand.

I know how tough it is for some people to choose a brand name. But for me, it was always easy ever since I decided to start my first blog Chicnomics in 2013. Here, I am sharing with you guys a few steps that will help you guys to choose the perfect name for your blog/brand.

Things you will need blank pages/diary and a pen.

Answer a few questions which I have asked below even before you start brainstorming for your brand name.

(the answers written below are what my answers were while creating my very first brand)

  1. What is your brand’s niche?

My first blog was a budget-friendly fashion blog. Some examples of blog niche are parenting, lifestyle, food, travel, education, finance, fashion, DIY, etc

  1. Name the kind of service, product, information will you offer?

I was a fashion stylist back then and my blog was going to be my portfolio as well as my personal style story. You could be a parenting blog talking about babywearing, or you could be a doctor sharing your views on good health, or a Finance professional or IT professional sharing your views on how to sustain or grow.

  1. Choosing the categories you will be writing about.

I offered personal style, makeup & beauty, hairstyle, and reviews. Some examples you could write about if you are a parenting blog are a mom-baby fashion, your knowledge as a professional in your field, baby food, life as a working mom, life as a work from home mom, life as a homemaker, etc.

  1. Determining your target audience?

My target group was women aged 20-40 who were willing to invest money in styling and were conscious of beauty and clothing brands. If you are a parenting blog your target audience will probably be new or first time moms.

  1. What value will your blog/brand bring to your readers?

My experience of styling celebrities for 4 years (in 2014) will add value to their social and professional life. It totally depends on what you have to offer to your readers.

  1. Recall your USP. What is it that sets you apart from the rest of the brands?

My experience of styling celebrities and already established relations with brands. Also my budget-friendly shopping funda. Your USP sets you apart from your competitors. What is that no other blogger/brand has? Why should the reader come to your blog and read your 500+ words blog post?

  1. What are your future goals?

Along with fashion, I want to start with travel blogging as well. Your future goals could be anything that you want from life traveling, fashion, food, finance tips, etc.

Once you have written all the answers, reread them and make sure you have answered every question.

Brainstorming to rescue

Start brainstorm words that can be easily associated with your niche. For example, if your niche is fashion than words like chic, vogue, style, boho, etc go well. If your niche is mom blog or parenting blog than words like mom, mommy, little, parent, mother, mama, mum, etc go well.

Now brainstorm words that can speak for your brand. Words that add value to your brand. Example if your blog is budget friendly like my first blog than words like budget, finance, smart, economics suit well. If your blog is a motherhood blog than soliloquy, musings, tales, scenes, story, etc fit the bill. Now that you have brainstormed it, let’s move on to the technical part of it.


  1. The pronunciation – is easy or is it a tongue twister?

  2. Is it easy to spell?

  3. Does it sound relevant in the long run? Like 5 years down the line

(Example you choose your blog name as Mumbai mom and you are already planning to shift out from Mumbai permanently. Will your readers at new place be able to relate to your blog? )

  1. Will it block your chances of talking about other aspects of life or other categories?

(example – If you choose to start a mom blog but you have plans of writing about travel or fashion or blogging or your answer is everything. You want to write about everything but think about it, will your mom status attract fashion enthusiasts or travelers or other non-mom brands to your blog? Even if you write about women’s fashion or finances for adults do you think new readers can make that out from your brand’s name? )


Is your domain even available? Head over to Go Daddy and check if your domain is available. Check if your blog name is available on Instagram, facebook, twitter, and other social media platforms.

(Many times, the blog’s traffic follows wrong people with the same brand name on social media. Example your blogs name is her soliloquy, you buy the domain and later find out that the Instagram username is taken, even before you know it people are following her soliloquy on Instagram instead of you who is her_soliloquy or hersoliloquy20.)

Not available?

Play with words and find your perfect brand name. It is a time consuming, brain-eating process but the outcome is beautiful trust me.

Some blogs and brands I named –


A chic behind the scenes

Raapchic shop

Festive Khoka

Super Womaniya

Miss Harshala

Play story

Studio Meraki

Do let me know if you find this post helpful in the comments below! You can also shoot me an email at if you need any kind of help regarding blogging.

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