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Defining supermoms

How does one describe a super mom? In the month that celebrates mothers, I came across something that made me think about the “ordinary” moms in our lives and what makes them super.

Two weeks ago, a simple and innocent post on a social media group made me ponder over the moms I consider SUPER MOMS in my life.

This post was more of a query about featuring super moms for the month of May (thanks to Mother’s Day madness) and how they would like to profile them.

So obviously, like any other child who has seen her mother’s struggles and sacrifices upfront believes, I ended up thinking, “Oh my mother is a super mom.”

But what made me think hard was the next question they put up. The categories they offered were:

1) Mompreneur

2) Instagram Influencers and bloggers

3) Food Bloggers

4) Travel Bloggers

5) Social Workers (like NGOs)

Now I started to wonder which category does my “super” mother fall in? The obvious deletions were the Instagram and blogging-related options.

I was left with the last two: mompreneurs (homepreneurs is another word for it) and social workers.

By the way, what are the “ordinary” super moms known as anyway? Like what category do their achievements fall in?

I finally told myself, maybe my mother is a momprenuer.

Someone who handles a large complex structure called family. She ensures its smooth running by taking the lead in showing how it’s done. She also sometimes delegates tasks, depending on each person’s skill and talent. She’s responsible for most money matters at home and therefore, has to be at the center of everything in the house.

She knows how to “market” her family (the tough task of Public Relations falls on a woman’s shoulders somehow), deals with outsiders and feels responsible for the image projected by her family as a whole in society.

She is strict but most times lenient. She believes she has to work harder than anyone else involved because she owns it. She also believes in maintaining cordial relationship with one and all.

Or maybe she is a social worker?

Someone who has put the needs of all others right in front of her own. She has compassion, empathy and love for everyone around her. She is ready to sacrifice and struggle for the sake of others. She doesn’t shy away from responsibility and is in it to make a change. Her goal is change. Improvement. Love. Peace. Contentment.

She can put herself in others’ shoes and think of solutions for them. She can support others in their dreams but has no time to dream her own.

You tell me readers. What category should we put our “ordinary” mothers in? And are they super moms? Or not? Do share your views.

A Super Mom fan

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Any omissions or errors are the author’s and A Week In Life does not assume any responsibility for them.

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