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Easy and fun home-date ideas

You’ve been married or living together for a while. With the endless responsibilities of adulting, you’ve settled into a routine and forgotten what it was like to connect and have fun with your partner. Add kids to the picture, and you may not have a spare moment to think about couple time, or are too exhausted for it. You may also be unable to leave the house for a date due to the kids or time constraints, or may not have the budget to spend on a lavish night out.

Sound familiar? A simple solution to get out of this rut is to plan date nights at home. Planning a home date itself will recharge you to look forward to spending time with your partner. If you have kids, your date can start after the kids go to bed.

Here are some budget friendly, easy breezy home-date ideas.

Movie date night :

Choose a movie that you may have missed at the theater or one that you would love to watch again. If you plan to watch an upcoming theater release which is a part of a series (like Marvel’s Avengers), you can watch the previous movies in the series so that you are all caught up. Get creative – plop down a spare mattress in front of the TV. Dim the lights (or switch on a light in an adjacent room). Watch the movie plopped on pillows, sipping your favorite drink (Coffee/tea/hot chocolate/beer/wine). You can even make popcorn at home to add a theater touch to the experience.

Candlelight dinner date:

Set up a romantic dinner (home-made or ordered in) by candlelight. Use aromatic candles if possible. Add some music too. Dress up! Do your hair and wear clothes that are comfy enough for home, but classy enough to look dressed up. Splash on your favorite perfume. The change in ambience can work wonders.

Cook together :

Although regular mealtime preparations can be a hurried routine task, with a little bit of planning, cooking together can be turned into an enjoyable experience. Play some music, sip on your favorite drink and talk to each other while cooking. Keep the meal simple and not too time-consuming – you don’t want the date to be hard work. Pasta is an easy option. If you are making rotis, one person can roll out the rotis while the other cooks it on the flame (keep the dough prepared earlier to save time). Or buy frozen/half cooked parathas or chapatis. While preparing the side dish, your partner can throw together a salad and set up the table. The possibilities in the kitchen are many – find something that works for you and your partner.

Board game date night :

Take out those board games (or video games), you’ll find a little friendly competition with your partner to be quite enjoyable (unless either or both of you are too competitive and it turns into a fight!).

Do a puzzle together :

Couples who love a challenge can plan to do a jigsaw puzzle together. Choose one with approximately 200-500 pieces so that you can get it done in a few date nights. (My husband and I are working on a 5000-piece jigsaw, and even after a month, it is not yet completed)

Karaoke date night :

Sing your hearts out to your favorite songs. Some numbers may turn out to be surprisingly hilarious. Add some fun by trying to imitate the singer. You could even record a duet together – pick a song that’s not too hard to sing. If you and/or your partner plays an instrument, include that as well. (If you have kids who are light sleepers, you may have to save this idea for later, or plan it when the kids are playing or enjoying screen time)

Listen to old-time music :

This works for couples who share an interest in similar genres of music. You’ll find music from a generation or two before can be quite entertaining, and even find that some of those old songs were the sources of inspiration for popular songs.

Watch funny videos :

There are lots of rib-tickling videos you can find, thanks to youtube and the internet. Don’t forget to read the comments together too – sometimes they are more hilarious than the videos themselves! Laughing together is a great way to unwind!

Make a travel/experience wish-list together

Make a list of the things you’d like to see/experience together and also decide which one you’d like to do first. Choose one from the list that’s feasible to execute. Start doing research on it together and make a folder with the collected information. The list can range from dream destinations, to experiences like a private pool, or even a visit to a trampoline park (yes, they are present in many cities in India). This list will also serve as a motivation to make them happen. Family trips/experiences are one of the best ways to bond with each other, while creating long-lasting memories.

Take a trip down memory lane :

Dig out the old photographs and reminisce. You can also share pics of your childhood or solo travels with your partner – it’s a great way for him/her to learn more about you. (Additionally, create a backup of your favorite shots).

Review the past year :

This is fun to do together at the end of the year. Try to recall all the fun stuff and good experiences you had in the past year. To help out with next year, keep a jar filled with notes about funny incidents or happy moments as they happen throughout the year and then read those out at the end of the year.

Exercise together :

If both partners are willing to commit to fitness, plan on working out together. You can take up something like yoga or use a workout video. This can be an early morning date idea. Don’t forget to hit the showers together too!

Massages :

Give each other massages, it can be a simple foot rub, neck and shoulder massage, or a full-blown spa experience with scented oils, dimmed lights and relaxing music. Look up massage techniques online.

Sensuous games :

If you are looking to spice things up in the bedroom, there are many couple games that can get you started. I found a lot of interesting ideas here.

Get creative with stuff at home :

Switching up a few things can really get the fireworks going. Get intimate in a different room, try new positions, move the dresser to change the mirror positioning. Use your imagination – the eye masks that you got on an overnight flight, the ice cubes in the freezer, the chocolates and spreads in the fridge.

Bring out the new nightwear :

Shopping for new lingerie can work wonders on your libido. Looking sexy makes you feel sexy. Surprise your partner! You don’t have to spend a fortune – there are great deals available online. Don’t forget to read reviews and check the vendor ratings before ordering a product. (Also, help a fellow shopper by adding honest reviews about your purchased products).

Remember, the key factor in a successful date is communication with your partner.

Hope the above home date ideas will help to re-kindle some romance in your lives.

If you have any home date ideas of your own, do share it with us in the comments section.

Get creative and have some fun! ?

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Any omissions or errors are the author’s and A Week In Life does not assume any liability or responsibility for them.

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