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Eight reasons why you should write a Journal

My first encounter with the word journal was when I read the book Things I want my daughters to know by Elizabeth Noble.

And I imagined in my head that I’d write a journal for my future child. And when I was pregnant, I had a rough time to say the least and then my princess was diagnosed with a congenital brain malformation. I started writing the day my daughter was born hoping she would read it when she grows up. The odds of her survival were slim even for the doctors but we survived and I knew somewhere in my heart that she will grow up to read all that I am writing for her.

Here are my top eight reasons that will inspire you to write your own journal:

Keeping checklists

You can keep record of what you’d like to get done in the coming future. One such method is Bullet Journaling. Bullet journal is different from a checklist as in bullet journal we only write tasks in short and no checkboxes are made. It saves space and time.

I write my tasks for the coming week in my planner. As I am a teacher and we have to have a lesson planned for the next day. I love highlighting the things that are on my priority list like doctor’s appointments, work deadlines, Instagram post stuff and the like.

To keep track of your life

This is the most obvious one. With a journal you can keep up with yourself and the world. You can track the important decisions you made and that too in a chronological order. I’ve been tracking my expenditure, my daughter’s medications, vaccinations, milestones since she was born.


By penning down what you have been doing over a period of time, you can retrospect. For example, if you write about your relationships, you get an idea about what you did in a past relationship, your mistakes, the good, the bad and the crazy.

Record and catharsis

A journal is basically a first-hand record of the important events from your life. Even if they are the ones you’d like to share someday. Imagine you find a journal written by your late grandparent today and you get to read about the moments from your childhood! Leave something behind for your children and maybe this inspires you to do things worth writing in the future.

Setting up goals

#goals is the mantra of the new generation. You can set up your goals for the future. More like real goals, your aspirations, your dreams the ones you wish to achieve. By writing in your journal you learn about bad decisions you made and the things that went wrong or plans that failed. Learn from your mistakes and shoot higher next time. It improves focus. You come to know which things require your immediate attention and what can wait till Monday.

Lifestyle tracking

Most of us are or want to be on a healthy diet, right? Drinking more water is one thing which is common in all of our New Year resolutions every year. But do we go through with it? Keeping record of say number of glasses of water you’ve had in a day or the exercise you did not only keeps you on track but you also learn to appreciate your own efforts.

Personal growth

A journal is a part of you if not more. It gives you an insight, an in-depth understanding of yourself. What are the themes in your life? Do you keep switching priorities? How devoted are you when it comes to going through with a task you undertook? You can guide yourself, be your own critic and mentor. It is your therapist and a friend.


Being thankful for what you have, as simple as that! Trust me on this, when you start writing ten or even five things that you felt grateful for in your day before you go to sleep, those things will start to multiply. This is one of the things I read in one of my favorite books – The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Select your own journal

  1. Notebook – The good old way to write, get a notebook or a specialized journal.

  2. There are Apps like Penzu

  3. In google keep

  4. Blogging

Do get in touch if you need to know where the products in this post are from. I’d be happy to help.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Any omissions or errors are the author’s and A Week In Life does not assume any liability or responsibility for them.

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