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Fitness tips for new moms

I am not an expert when it comes to fitness. I have my own share of ups and downs when it comes to health but recently I started taking care of my health and I felt if I would have started this 3 years ago post delivery life would have been different. Here are some basic tips for moms who want to start focusing on their health more.

1. Don’t Stress

Just take it easy and keep stress at bay. I am someone who has anxiety disorder and it was difficult to take control over them but the better I got at it the better I felt from with in. Stress is only going to rob away your emotional health.

2. Talk to your doctor

Talk to your doctor about your plans, I consulted my doctor before starting my walking journey. At first my doctor asked me to wait for a month before I can achieve a goal of 10K steps per day. Even before starting a diet and exercise plan I spoke to my doctor about my reasons and plans for my body. My doctor only after examining my medical history asked me to go ahead. You don’t want to end up fooling yourself by doing something which is not fit for your body.

3. Motivation

Don’t wait for magical motivation. If you feel you want to change your lifestyle or health. Go for it. There no better motivator than your own self. You are your only limit.

4. Abdominal Separation

This is a real thing and your trainer or yoga teacher will be able to detect it. Don’t right away start with exercise. Talk to someone who can help you rule it out. During pregnancy our tummy stretches to make a space for baby. Many a times this space is never tucked in and starting exercise will only make it worse. It is better to talk to someone who has knowledge regarding this.

5. Cheat Days

Allow yourself some time off from all the cooking and eating right once in a while. Also take some time off each week from exercise or walk or yoga if you think you need a break. If on a day you are not able to workout compensate it with working out a few extra minutes the next day. With a baby, life does change and you need to be mentally prepared for those missed days.

6. Main apni favourite hoon..

Even if you are not a Kareena Kapoor fan, rattafy this dialogue in your mind. No matter what others look like or no matter what others want you look like. Always remember to love yourself enough to appreciate others progress and walk away from people who nag you. Positivity is all you need to be happy and move ahead towards your goal.

7. Nutritionist / Dietician

Consult a good nutritionist or dietician. You need to understand your body and its requirements. Each morsel that you have has to be loaded with the correct amount of nutrients. These days there are so many dieticians with a diploma who sell fad diets from over the internet. Be sure to talk to your close circle and verify the facts before moving ahead.

Elina from Diet Funda is my Nutritionist, and she is so understanding that I feel blessed to have her in my life.

That’s it for now, do let me know if these tips were helpful in the comments below.

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