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Getting pregnant in your 20’s

You are already half way there if you are trying to getting pregnant in your 20’s. Chances are you will conceive within 6-12 months with normal sex. Given both you and your partner don’t have any health issues. In this article we will talk about –

Pros and Cons of getting pregnant in your 20’s

  1. 20’s are the best years to conceive naturally because mid twenties is when your fertility is at it’s peak.

  2. 20’s is also when you are starting your career and juggling parenting and a new career can be quite a task. Even if you do, chances are there will be a pay gap once you return back to work from the break.

  3. When you are younger, the quality of your eggs is safe to say quite good and chances of having abnormalities is quite low.

  4. While biologically it is the best time for you to conceive, chances are you are not financially ready to take up the responsibility of another little human being.

  5. In your mid twenties, chances of miscarriage are quite low.

  6. Sadly, early miscarriages are quite common in all ages.

  7. Getting mentally prepared before even taking the decision to bring another life in this world is necessary. Sadly, in countries like India a child is brought into this world due to family or societal pressure. This might result in you or your partner being absent in the child’s life once they are born.

  8. The parents are not mature enough to understand that children are 24/7 their responsibility for rest of their lives. A person who is not emotionally stable won’t be able to take care of a child (holistically).

  9. In the 20’s the women have low chances of getting polyps, fibroids or endometriosis, diabetes and high blood pressure. Which means they get to enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

  10. We saved the best one for the last! In your 20’s you have plenty of energy to raise a child or two. While still chasing your dreams and your kids simultaneously.

Note – Before starting out, kindly see a gynaecologist to ascertain everything is under control. Also, start preparing your body, house and life to make the adjustments you would once the baby arrives. This will give you ample of time to think about getting pregnant in your 20’s.

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