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Happy mothers make for happy kids

When I held my daughter for the first time in my arms, the glitter of her eyes was enough to affirm that the joy of motherhood can dim all the other joys of this world. With all the experiences of the past 2.5 years, I feel losing yourself in the motherhood is bound to happen when you have to take care of a little human being entirely dependent upon you. Being a Stay-at-home mother seems to be a privilege some times but it is definitely not smiles, cuddles and happy times all the while. It is a mountain of a responsibility that falls on a SAHM’s shoulders and I can vouch for it being one of them. There have been several times when I have lost my sanity, ended up scolding my daughter and been unproductive for days together. With all such exhausting experiences, I just learnt one lesson. Until I prioritize my health and happiness ahead of my kid and family, I am bound to lose my sanity and get into isolation every other day. So, I decided to pen down the rules which I swear by nowadays to juggle between all the responsibilities of my kids, family and my household. Check out if you can find something useful for yourself too.

Getting dressed up

You can not pour from an empty vessel. To make your family feel pleasant about the new day, you need to first feel fresh and pleasant every single day. No matter what, take a shower and show a prim and proper side of yours. It will surely make you feel more confident ready to face the world.

Stepping out of the house

Step out of the house even if it is the hardest struggle. Go for a run, brisk walk or meet friends at a coffee shop or if nothing step out to buy grocery for your kitchen. It makes a positive impact in your headspace.

Me-time is important

Juggling between so many hats, you may tend to neglect your own identity. Make sure to pursue your hobby to bring you joy and a feeling of fulfilment.

Focus on what you can do

You can never have it all. While you may forego hefty paychecks, lunch with colleagues, dressing up for meetings, you can definitely bask in the warmth of your child’s presence. You can be present to wipe their tears, laugh uncontrollably with them and explore the world through their eyes.

Say No

While it is utmost important to maintain a routine for yourself and your family, it is equally essential to say no to unwanted obligations. It is all right to say no to those requests which fall out of your priority list.

Perfection is over-rated

Know that perfection is something which is impossible to achieve. Just be yourself and never compare yourself with other mothers. Always be gentle and forgiving to yourself even if you mess up on a few days.

Seek and nurture friendships

Staying at home and doing the same thing day in, day out can leave you feeling lonely. Find opportunities to meet new people, make new friends, join mothers’ group in your neighbour. This will enable you to strike some meaningful conversations with people of the same age group rather than engaging in baby talks all day long.

Have a routine and follow it religiously

If you would like to sail through the days and weeks without any stress, plan your days in advance and stick to your routine. This is most essential to maintain your sanity.

Let kids also have some me-time

You do not need to be a constant companion to your kids. To make them independent individuals, you need to leave them to play on their own. It not only helps the kids to explore and learn but also expands their creativity. It will also give you some space to sit and relax or complete some pending house chores.

P.S. – I am not comparing working mothers and Stay-at-home mothers here. I am just trying to put up a few tips together for all the moms out there who need help while dealing with this demanding job of parenting.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Any omissions or errors are the author’s and A Week In Life does not assume any liability or responsibility for them.

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