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How starting a home business can boost your confidence as a mom

I am a listener. But I am also a blogger. The little amount of time & energy that I spend on Instagram is spent listening to fellow moms and women. Over the past 3 years, moms have shared their stories with me via Direct messages. This post is inspired by all the amazing conversations that I have had with fellow women.

In one of my first posts on Instagram, I spoke to women about the importance of finding yourself, making self love a priority and having a Passion Project. (You can find the Instagram post below)

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How it all started….

I quit my Job in May 2018 without a plan. I knew I wanted to do a few things but I couldn’t because I didn’t know where to start. I wanted a passion project but I also wanted to earn full time income. So I slowly started planning and made a blog business plan. But then… the stay at home mom thing got to me. There were many personal issues that I was going through and everything started happening together. I realized that to write I need to have a very stable mind. So I took a long break and started looking for alternatives that will help me financially because being a single mom is double the responsibility.

The perfect business idea…

I have been waiting for the day to create and sell paper planners for years now. So I knew what I wanted to create. But when I got the courage to finally create it I became really unwell due to PCOD and was running late on the schedule. I managed to stay motivated even in sickness, along with a 4-year-old homeschooler.

I made INR 89,000 profit in just 2 months…

For someone who always wanted to be an entrepreneur it was a big win because I never expected I would sell more than 25 planners or make more than INR 5,000 profit. But things just kept happening because I believed in my hard work when no one else did. Those 4 months of running a home business taught me life lessons that nothing else would teach.

So here are a few reasons why I think running a home business can help you as a mom –

1. You still get to be 24 x 7 with your child

This is the number one priority for most moms. They want to be with their children as much as they can because the kids are little for so short time. The day I launched my home business, is the day I sold 8 planners. That first sale told me that I have got this not because I earned the money or sold the planners. But because I was right in our bedroom in the afternoon reading a book to my daughter. That was the moment I felt like a supermom because even in sickness I managed to create a life for us without being guilty of not spending enough time with my daughter.

2. You have your own money

Married or unmarried, earning your own money is empowering. And everything becomes easier when you make that loads of money sitting in your PJ’s.

I knew my target was to make enough money from this season so that I can support my family alone plus have some money for my next product line.

3. You Create

Whether your are a reseller or an artist, you create the life that you want. Not to forget the creativity and love you put in each of your product. Your creative output is always strong and flowing.

I was bleeding for 52 days and was not able to sit. But I still created the planners laying on my bed. That didn’t feel like a task to me at all because creativity helped me to be focused on what I had to do every single day.

4. You connect with the world

Selling on social media/online or in the local stores(offline). It lets you meet new people and enhance your social skills. Because I sold the planners both online & offline, I got to connect with many Content Creators as well as many entrepreneurs. I felt like I was finally back in the world after being invisible.

5. Your hard work shows results

While sales may take some time in most of the products, you will start receiving compliments for your hard work even before you make a sale.

There were Bloggers & Youtubers who appreciated my designs and hard work. They wanted to collaborate with our brand without charging any fees. The planner was a new territory for the local stationary shops and I already have received advanced orders for 2020 planner from them.

6. You learn new things

I have never learned so much on my own as much as I learned in those 4 months. The lessons learned have helped to be calm on the days of no sales and still be calm on the days I received 32 sales in a day.

Being a home business owner made me close to myself as a person and mother. I realised my strengths and how I can play along to make most of them.

7. Stress is out of the door

You wake up, do the daily chores, spend time with your child, work on your home business and spend some quality me time. Where is the need or time to be stressed?

Not even for a second did I felt rushed or stressed even in poor health and being behind the schedule. There was not even a minute that I had any stress.

8. You are the boss

You are the boss and you are the employee. You work and your business works. you are solely responsible for taking the risks and making the decisions. You fail and you learn, you win and you learn.

The entire process was so easy for me because I didn’t have to depend on anyone’s help or approval. I am more confident and prepared to hire help now after successfully learning my lessons.

9. She said it… She said it…

All this while, Ira was with me. She used to do her activities while I was in the room with her. She and I used to go together to find the source the materials needed. She came with me to the post office and everywhere that I went. She learned so much by traveling and meeting so many different people. And oh! the conversations she had with the amazing people who helped us in our home business.

What was the second best thing that happened to me after the first day of launch? She said it! She said to me Mumma I love you so much because you made such beautiful planners.

There is nothing more beautiful than hearing this from your child. I was the child of a working mother. Most of my days were spent in babysitting. So I knew what I wanted to do as a mother for first few years because as a child I have said those bad words to my mother. ” Mummy you don’t love me. You don’t spend time with me.” It would have killed my mother to hear this from me. So when I decided to go ahead with the home business, I knew right from day one that Ira will be fully involved in it. So she is the Toddler – In – Chief and I am the Mom – In – Chief. She knows A Week In Life is her sister and I need to give equal amount of time to both of them.

10. You know where to stop

A beautiful thing about running a home business is you know where and when to stop. You have no obligations like in a job to go to work every day and work even when you can’t.

I know the timings that I can work productively and I know when my daughter needs me the most. After the planner season was over I decided to take a break and explore other things because I needed a lot of time to get my health back. So I kept my research on for my studio while on break.

I can’t wait to get back to my home business again once my health is stable because I love what I do and it loves me back too.

Are you thinking of starting a home business? A post covering everything that you need to know about running a home business will go live soon.

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