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How to be a student blogger

If you are a student and you don’t know what Studyblr is you are doing it all wrong! Study + Tumblr = Studyblr Similarly, Study + Instagram = Studygram Now that you know the basic full form, let me take you to the beautiful world of Studyblr or Studygram. I came across Studyblr while searching for bullet journal ideas for students during my graduation year and boy! I regret not knowing it earlier. If you haven’t explored studyblr or studygram yet as a student! You are missing mojo of your student life. Students from all over the globe share their daily study routines, desks, tips, notes and everything that revolves around studying. Here is my all time favourite studygram account! Show some love by following her!

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If you are from India, I know how stupid you feel this post is. In the times where everyone wants to be either a fashion, food or lifestyle influencer asking someone to share something about studying is stupid. I am a self proclaimed hater of Indian Education system and yes I was never interested in studying. It was only when I discovered that self educating myself is the only option I have to get away from this exploited system. I really wanted to start a studyblr/studygram but I was not ready because I didn’t find any Indian to look up to and I was just too confused to even start. So finally I decided to start my studygram journey after researching a lot and here is how you can start your’s too.

1. Pick a nice name

Stay away from names like rocky234 or pinky67. Choose a good name which actually is either your name or something meaning to what you will be posting about. People generally use their first name and add studies to it, or they combine what they study about with things they like. Example – harshalastudies or coffeeandcoding. I will be posting about studygram on my IG handle @aweekinlife and I already have a blog but I generally blog about lifestyle so I will be sticking to hashtag #mommylearns as my studygram. Here’s a link if you want help to create a blog HOW TO MAKE A WORDPRESS BLOG

2. Theme

Style your Instagram feed in a particular way that is your own. You don’t need to get intimidate over what others are doing. It’s your account, you don’t need that white wash on your photos, if your study table is wooden flaunt it. No one is bothered about why your feed is similar. But every one is bothered about how your feed is different.

3. Follow

Follow some awesome students share all they have regarding notes making, studying, planning and learning. Try to find students with similar course or subjects. Remember the rule, when anyone similar to your interests follows you give a follow back.

4. Hashtags

You can create your own hashtags like I did mine or you can use the common hashtags like studygram, studyblr, studentblogger, etc, or you can use a combination of both to get noticed and attract followers.

5. Share

Always share the knowledge, tips and tricks you have. You never know who needs them and how helpful you can be to them. Social Media is meant for sharing, but make sure you only share things and details that are helpful to others. Documenting your journey is great but why should someone check out your profile or posts if you don’t add any value to their life.

6. Stationary

You don’t need to go over the top to buy stationary which the world is using. Buy only if you are actually going to use it. What is the use of faking things when in the first place it is not adding any value to your own life. Be as real as you can.

7. Study table

Many of us don’t have one. But I request you to invest in a good study table and a decent chair. Having your own work desk or study table adds a lot of value to your life. Such as you know you need to study at a particular place, you train your mind to study when you are on study table. Customise you desk with things that are not only inviting and inspiring but also useful.

8. Engagement

On instagram, engagement is the king. Getting followers and likes are easy but real engagement is very difficult. Make sure whatever you share is good enough for engagement. And the thumb rule is Ask a question or suggestion at the end of your post! This works wonders, people may be lazy to read the entire post every time. But if you start asking for suggestions or questions every time at the end of your post, people will get in the habit of reading the question and answering. While you need engagement, be sure that you engage on others posts as well. That’s it for now! Do let me know if you found this post helpful in the comments below!

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