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How to enjoy blogging

Being a blogger is a lot of hard work. But not all know what being a blogger is when they get into it. A blogger has to be a complete package of a writer, photographer, graphic designer, web designer, social media manager, PR and a host. Phew! That’s quite a lot of work to do for a single person unless you are filthy rich to hire one for each role. There i a lot to do and so little time to accomplish everything. To top it all, there is immense competition around you which can make blogging a big pain in ass. Here are some easy ways to actually take up blogging as profession and enjoy your journey.

1. Work space

Set up a workspace/work desk that fits all your needs. As content creators we need to be calm and have outright focus on our content. Having a dedicated space for working helps your mind to conceive that this is the place where I have to create/work productively. Make sure your table is near a window or direct source of sunlight so that you can utilise it for your photography as well. Decorate your space by using elements that add character to your office. Keep only the things that you need. Make your headquarters your favourite place to work on and see the magic that happens!

2. Learn

Someone said, Life never stops teaching so why should we stop learning? Learn everyday because there is so much to discover. Admit it you don’t know everything and learning everyday helps you to grow your interest towards your profession. Dedicate days to different aspects of blogging and read about it at least for 30 mins. Example – My Monday’s are dedicated to photography, Tuesday’s to Videography and editing, Wednesday’s for Grammar, Thursday’s for Graphics, Friday’s for Web designing and Sunday’s for Reading general blogs. I take a off on Saturday from learning because that’s the day when I schedule all of my Facebook groups content.

3. Scheduling

Never underestimate the power of scheduling. Scheduling your posts is possible on almost every platform, be it blog or social media. Schedule wherever you can, schedule for weeks. It helps you by giving a lot of time to do other thing.

4. Find your Tribe

Everyone needs somebody who understands them and stand by them in need. Finding your tribe is difficult but not impossible, connect with other creative bloggers and just don’t network with them but build a relationship which you know has got your back. If you want to join my Facebook community for creative entrepreneurs and bloggers, here’s a link to FLOURISH TRIBE. It will go live from 1st October 2017.

5. Goals

Set realistic goals for yourself in your personal life as well as for your blog. Something like I want to earn 1 crore through blogging in 1 year is an unrealistic goal unless you work really hard for it. Writing 5 blog posts per month or writing 7 blog posts per week is more realistic because you are focusing on earning and not how you will earn. Everyone’s goals are different and there is no right or wrong for it but what you do to achieve them is more important than the actual goal.

Example – My goal is to write 52 helpful blog posts in the year 2017 and earn 3000 rupees for each blog post. But can my niche be monetised? Certainly not! So no one is paying me money to write on my blog but I can earn money through guest posting, reviews or ads. Unless I figure out what my actual goal is and what should be my actionable steps I am always going to be disappointed.

6. Connect

Your reader is the king. If you really want to establish yourself as a blogger than listen to what your reader is saying. Talk to her and let her express her concerns. Create a special bond between you and your readers. Unlike Vloggers, Bloggers have a hard time working towards their brand because they rarely have any real reader. Reason being there are too many bloggers on social media, two what you write doesn’t help your reader. So always stay in touch with your readers even if they are few in number because they are whom you write for. They are the reason you wake up everyday and let your procrastination die.

7. Social Media

Remember this always,

You use social media for your blog , you don’t blog for your social media.

If you want to just be a social media influencer than there is no need to be a content creator. Blogging is not for you, sooner or later you will get bored of it. Blogging is a more niched profession which doesn’t run on social media. Social media platforms come and go, your blog will be there forever.

Don’t try to be on every social media platform just because everyone is, try to understand where your reader could possibly be. Example – If you are a Indian mom blogger, then you should concentrate on Facebook instead of Instagram because not many moms are on Instagram but almost everyone is on Facebook.

8. Breaks

If you manage to follow a schedule then you already know how fun it is to create content. I blog part time from 6PM to 11PM, because I work part time as a Business coach in the day. I am mostly on my desk and it gets really boring on somedays. So I make sure I have some candy or dry fruits handy for snack breaks and I take small breaks to watch movies or to read books. This keeps me interested in my work as a business coach and blogger. Working from home is really boring if you don’t step out of home alone. So I make sure to go out everyday in the society compound or to market just to be alone and away from work. If you can, surely indulge in small staycations or trips per week to keep your system running.

Blogging is tough only if you are not prepared for it. Read my blog post on how to set your mind to achieve anything you want.

That’s all for the day! Happy Blogging!

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