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How to explore your creative side?

Have you ever wondered why some people are so creative? Are you often stuck in your kids’ project while other moms just create a castle out of nothing? Why is it that during the beginning of a new office project you are not able to suggest ideas for improvement?

Remember the scene from the movie Tarre Zameen Par where the art instructor Ram Shankar Nikumbh asked all the teachers as well as kids to participate in a drawing contest. The teachers were reluctant at first but when they started there was an array of wonderful ideas and drawings followed by a period of laughter at their own creation.

In the same manner, think of a young child who is given a block game to play with while you are busy at work. Besides making a mess he is sure to come up with something unique like a train; a four storey building one each for father, mother, brother and sister. But, if you are asked to suggest some ideas about improvement in work processes while you are at the office then you are most likely to feel anxious or make yourself start preparing for the big challenge.

This is as we as adults often stop focusing on the willingness to explore our creative side and get fearful of the criticism that may be received by us if we tried something new. The need here is to reconnect with our creative side just like we did in childhood. The way forward to it is through setting our minds on it. Here are some tips by which you can explore your creativity.

Creativity has no logic

While being logical in thinking we often use what we know but creative thoughts come out from what is unknown to us. Hence draw inspirations from nature, music, and people of course.

Never force it

People are the most creative when they do not try to be one. Let the ideas appear on its own and you are on the go.

Accept failures

It is not necessary that your improvement ideas at workplace will be accepted the first time. But keep on trying and you will unleash your brain to think out of the box.

So, it is time to explore the creativity within you. Grab the opportunity at the workplace, while at home or with your child. Be vibrant and innovative and most importantly just give a kick to the inner child that is within you.

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