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How to plan the perfect babymoon

When you start planning for a baby, all you think about is creating a squeashy tiny human being. To be frank, you really don’t know whats going to hit you after those 9 months. Not trying to scare you. But many new parents know what’s going to happen by either seeing or listening from new parents.

The concept of Baby-moon is relatively new in India. But it is gaining popularity now because in India many people follow customs. And one such custom in India is the baby shower. Where after the celebration the expecting mother goes to her mother’s house (Maayka) for the rest of the pregnancy, she gives birth there (in a hospital ofcourse) and comes back to her (Sasural) Husband only after the baby turns 3 – 6 months in most cases.

So a Baby moon is a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together as a couple before the baby arrives. But planning and actually going on a babymoon is not that easy. Nothing like a honeymoon. There is a new life and a new wife (Just kidding) to take care of. So here are a few tips for planning the perfect baby moon –

Talk to your doctor

Before starting to plan your baby moon, make an appointment with your doctor. Get all the necessary test done and take all the needed vaccinations. This not only applies to the mother but also to the father. You don’t want to be sick around a pregnant woman. So its better to make sure all the precautions are taken. Discuss at length the following things with your doctor –

  1. Your shortlisted destinations

  2. The kind of activities that can be done (including sex)

  3. A complete first aid kit

  4. Prenatal supplements

  5. Early signs of labor

Choose a destination

After talking to your doctor, select your destination of your choice. You can select two destinations if both of you like different places. I had a friend who loved the beach and her partner liked the mountains so they selected two destinations near by to reduce the time of traveling yet keeping both of them happy.

Select the most comfy seats

I can’t stress enough on the importance of selecting seats on your own that are comfortable. Because being pregnant is difficult and sitting in a 2 hour long flight is more difficult because you will have to go to the washroom every 20 minutes and you definitely can’t control.

Make a bucket list

Make a master bucket list of things you want to do before the baby arrives. Things to eat (nothing tops the urge to eat a certain food), books to read, films to watch, things to do, places to visit and of course a list of things to do at your babymoon. Combine them and see what you can make happen at your Baby Moon.

Take things slow

By this I don’t mean the speed at which you walk. But instead to live slowly. Trust me when I say this, because after baby everything is so fast that you won’t even remember that you had a life before the baby.

So take things slow and relax. Sleep for 12 hours, eat like a king & queen talk for hours and have as much safe sex as you want. Some holidays are for all the adventure you want to do and some holidays are for relaxing. Babymoon is definitely for relaxing and taking things slow.

Plan & book everything in advance

Once you have a bucket list ready plan and book everything in advance. A pregnant lady is full of crazy hormones and you don’t want to piss her off. Book the travel tickets, hotel stays, dinner reservations, spa appointments everything in advance while keeping in mind that its a slow vacation.

Eat like a mother

I know the baby moon was supposed to be about you two. But this is one thing that you can’t forget. Eat like a mother and take your supplements like a good girl. Give clear instructions to the chef about the foods to avoid and the foods to add. Confirm every single thing when your food arrives with the waiter and even if he says yes, before digging in inspect the food.

I hate capsicum because it gives me a terrible heartburn. But few people don’t understand the delicacy of the matter so its your responsibility to cross check things. Just remember, now you eat for two and when you are stressed your baby can sense it, so bring your partner on the same page so that you don’t have to be stressed about such things.

Document the moments

Lastly, click photos and write your feelings down. This will be your last holiday together as two. So embrace it and document the special moments that you spend together.

Happy Baby Mooning!

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