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Ideas for New Year with kids

Hello there Mommy/Daddy!

Before kids the new year’s were about vacationing, boozing and parties. Life changes a lot after kids and partying is one of them. So this year I decided to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home with my parents and baby unlike last year where we just saw TV wished each other and went to sleep.

  1. Decorate – Since you will be celebrating the entire Eve at home adding some colour and sparkle around will be great to cheer up the mood of the house. Kids and adults of any age love balloons adding some balloons will add a pop of colour and fun to your house.

  2. Props – Kids love hats, masks, glasses, crowns so you can buy them or DIY them it hardly takes 10-15 mins to make them. They will up the fun quotient and can also be used as Photo Booth Props.

  3. Photo Booth – There are tons of easy DIY Photo Booth backdrops select one according to your needs and capture the memories.

  4. Food – I prefer cooking at home on New Year’s because I cannot wait for 2-3 hours for food to arrive. Plus when it comes to kids its best that you serve homemade snacks and dinner. You can plan and cook the food in the day so that you can enjoy the New Year’s Eve with family.

  5. Drinks – If your kids are old enough you can go for pepsi or a coke. For younger kids Kokum Sorbet, Lassi, Fresh Lime Juice, Fruit Juices and Smoothies are a better and healthier option. If you or any family member want to drink hard drink make sure that you don’t expose your kids to the bottles, pour your drink in a glass and gulp it down or wait for the kids to sleep.

  6. Dress Up – Dressing up is the most exciting part for everyone be it kids or adults. My daughter is so excited to get dressed up, she knows when we dress up we go out and have fun, so dressing up is definitely one thing we are going to do.

  7. Games – Quickly pin some games for kids and plan them according to the snacks/dinner time for them. No kid will be able to digest the Eve without some fun games around.

  8. No Gadgets – Make sure you switch off your television/laptops/mobiles so that the kids don’t demand to watch ChuChu TV or any other videos or Cartoons. If they get bored its time for you to play another game or you can plan ahead and show them a movie in between breaks, where the remote control is in your hands.

  9. Countdown – I got inspired by this countdown thing from pinterest. You can search many of them on Pinterest. I will be blowing 12 balloons and will be stuffing some goodies in them for baby which you must have seen above. This way when we pop a balloon the baby gets a new surprise every hour.

  10. Dance & Music – This is the best part of any party, create a new playlist and get ready to rock and roll!

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I will be sharing the party’s decor, menu, games and all other deets on Instagram.

I wish you a very Happy and Safe New Year!

May the new year bring good luck and healthy to your family!

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