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Less Stressful Single Motherhood

We, single moms, have to go through our share of unique experiences that no one else goes through. It doesn’t matter if we are unmarried, divorced, separated or widowed we all go through experiences alone and many times they bring in along a lot of anxiety, stress and sometimes breakdowns.

Here are some simple things that I learned in the past 4 years as I decided to walk on the path of single motherhood.


We all know how difficult it gets to take smallest of the decisions of your child’s life when you are all alone. Self Doubt kicks in very easily but learn to trust yourself like your child trusts you. You are the best decision maker for your child and your family because only you understand them.


Make your own support system. Include your parents, family, friends, online support group or anyone who genuinely wants to be a part of your life. You always need someone to hear you out, to take care of children when you are not around, to give you advice or any kind of help you need. This is my favorite thing to talk about when I meet any new single mom because I have found such amazing people in the last 4 years. An online support group and a few blogger moms whom I met here on Instagram, they have made my life so blessed. It doesn’t matter what I am going through, they always have those words of encouragement to make me realize my self-worth.


There is nothing more stressfree than being financially independent when you are all on your own and have a zillion responsibilities. Saving today for the future is vital. This just gives you less reason to stress and focus on other important things.


Self-care is the most important yet the most ignored thing for us Mothers. Take care of yourself because your child is watching you. Take that leave, go for that movie, take that Counsellor’s appointment, sleep in for 1 more hour, take that solo trip, do what makes your soul happy. Because only when you are happy your child is happy.


Talk to your child about random things, but more importantly talk to her about single parenting and about your family. Share your concerns with her and always make it a point that she is the first one whom you share your little joys with. It is important to have happy as well as serious conversations with your child right from toddlerhood. It reduces a lot of stress because you groom your child to face the world as a single mothers child.


As important as it is to talk to your child. It is more important to listen to her. Today when you will be comfortable to talk about the most difficult topic of single parenting, you know you and your child have a strong base to your friendship. Your child can talk to you more freely and it will be easier for you to listen to her right from a very small age.


Manage your time effectively. Being a mother is time consuming. But being a single mother drains all the time out of your days.

Plan your week ahead –

⏰ (Sunday afternoon is my week planning time) ⏰(I make a meal plan for Ira as she eats different food to help her cope with her allergies) ⏰(I cut/chop/grind/purée and freeze most of the stuff that is time-consuming)

⏰(I use time blocking to plan our day) ? I get off schedule and watch that film with my daughter or play that game with her.

That’s all for now! Comment below to let me know if you liked the post or have any queries. Xoxo, Miss Harshala

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