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Let us paint this planet green!!

While we celebrated Earth Day this past week, are we really aware of the environmental degradation that has happened in the last few years and how our planet has been affected by the same? Air pollution, deforestation, water scarcity, global warming, poor waste management, resource depletion are just a few to name the current environmental issues. As we bow in reverence to the Mother Earth on account of Earth Day, there is so much that we can do to protect this planet. There are so many challenges, campaigns and events going on to raise awareness about the environmental issues and how to reverse this destruction. Let us join hands and see how we can take small steps in daily life to reduce ecological footprints and reduce biodiversity losses.

  1. Choose green travel/carpool – More the number of vehicles on the road, more will be the CO2 emissions leading to more traffic congestion and more pollution. To avoid this situation, walk more, take public transport, opt for car pooling. While doing errands, reduce the number of trips. Take care of your vehicle. Get the pollution check done well in time.

  2. Turn off lights – Switch off lights and fans, unplug the electronic devices off when not in use. Use LED bulbs more as they consume less energy and last longer.

  3. Planting more trees – More trees in your vicinity definitely makes it a peaceful and healthy place. Try to run campaigns to plant more trees. Grow your own garden and plant small trees bearing different fruits and vegetables. You can also make compost for your garden by recycling the food waste in your kitchen.

  4. Use water sparingly – Take shorter showers, turn off the taps while brushing teeth, run full loads of dishwasher and washing machine. This will reduce your consumption of water to a greater extent.

  5. Avoid processed food and eat locally grown food – Buy locally grown food and avoid processed food. Eat less meat and dairy, instead consume more fruits and salads. Prefer to eat at home instead of ordering out.

  6. Go paperless – Reducing paper dependence not only will help in saving trees and reducing footprints, but it will also help businesses to save money, space and also increase productivity. It will accelerate the pace of all types of communication and empower you with its cost-effective ways to be able to communicate with much ease.

  7. Use recycled products – Downsize your purchase, be mindful of your needs and try to reuse and recycle the items in your vicinity. Try to minimize the use of plastic in any form. A minimalist approach towards your needs will largely reduce the landfills in turn which produce methane and pollutes the air.

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