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Life with grandparents

Life with Grandparents

In my last Mommy Monday series I wrote about why I feel blessed to stay with my parents as a Mommy.

In this post I am talking about why life with grandparents is a blessing for our kids.

  1. We always listen to Grandparents

I don’t know what kind of Magic is spell by the grandparents that just by saying once the children listen to them. What ever convincing needs to be done works like wonders with grandchildren. There are times when my parents just talk to Ira for a few minutes and boom! she’s all changed. I try to convince her for nearly half an hour and then my father talks to her and she’s all ready to do what ever he asks her. For example eating her meal.

  1. We are one Team, Against Mommy

If you live in a joint family with grandparents in the house you know what I mean. They actually pair of together against mothers of the house. All kinds of mischief are monitored by the grandparents and the Bali ka bakra is mommy! When guests visit our house they portray me as the villain of the house?

  1. Grandparents listen

Sometimes when we parents are not in a mood to understand their why or reasoning, grandparents listen to them. Make them feel important and secure. It is a different bond that they share. Ira is extremely close to her grandpa and he is the first one in the house who gets to know about her secret mischiefs.

  1. Double love

As we grow up our father/mothers love increases but the way to express it changes. Now this love is showered on our children and their grandchildren. If our parents love us so much, imagine the amount of love they have for our children.

  1. Time

When we were kids our parents were busy in handling too many things that we are handling now as parents. They had so little time for us. But now that they have fewer responsibilities, the amount of time they have allows them to spend time with our children. Plus they have so little time left, they try to fulfil all their wishes which they couldn’t fulfil during our childhood. My mom was working full time and is still working full time. But whatever days she gets offs, she does so many little things for Ira that it sometimes makes me jealous.

  1. Nani ke Haath ka khana

If you are lucky enough to eat food mate for your grandmother than you know exactly what point I am trying to explain. Eating the traditional delicious food made by grandmother is an experience for lifetime. Our kids are lucky enough to experience this precious pleasure.

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