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Life with parents for Mommy

We moved in with my parents after baby turned 10 months old and was hospitalised in 2015. It’s been almost 2 years with Ira and them and I can’t be more thankful to god. Here are a few reasons why I feel staying with grandparents is good for parents.

The support

The amount of support we receive from parents is unconditional. Few months back I had to make a choice of leaving my teaching job to stay at home with my sick child. My parents supported me throughout and it feels so great that someone has got your back. Especially for a single mom who was doing things all alone.

Nani ke Nuskhe

The home remedies that our moms have are unmatchable. These remedies are passed down from generations and we get a chance to learn them and see them work on us as well as our children.

Mini vacations

We can take days off or go to washroom alone 😀 My parents work full time so days like these are rare but my mom gives me sometime off each week so refresh my system. We can go to places (sometimes) and enjoy our own company or catch up with friends.


I don’t need to say much when it comes to Indian Parents. Our parents celebrate festivals & traditions and we get to learn and be part of it. Basically, if we are alone we might not celebrate a festival but in a Indian Household parents make sure to light up the house and fill it with food 😀

They need you

Our parents might be selfless and let us go where we want to and let us do what we want to. But the truth is, they need us. They might not tell you this nor will they tell you about their own wishes. But when they can stand for you even without us asking for it, I feel it is wise to be there for them without them asking us.


Whatever your reason maybe, time with our parents is precious. You might not realise it today, but there will surely come a time when you will. Just hope that it’s not too late to realise that. Our parents have so little time left in life and I feel that they should only get back what they gave us when we were young TIME.

That’s my two cents on how life with parents can be a happy and blessed one.

Let me know what you feel about this post in the comments below.

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