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Lodha Palava – Selecting A Place To Live That Is Environment Friendly

Purchasing a new abode for yourself is a complex and exciting process that you’re bound to enjoy. What really pays off in the end, however, is how much research you do beforehand. When it comes to your home, you want to ensure you’ve picked a quality place to stay.

The fact of the matter is, buying your home will be one of the most important investments of your life. Thus, purchasing it from a reputable developer is a must if you hope to ensure minimal headaches after moving in.

Elite developers will take care to cultivate communities that are well maintained and environmentally responsible while considering the environmental impact that their buildings will have on future generations. This is why going green and getting your home in a sustainable building is the ultimate choice for you, the planet, and future generations.

In the same context, I came across the Palava property, which is home to thousands. It is said to be India’s most environment-friendly city, as most of its land is covered in greens. Palava comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Pallav’ – a budding flower. It is, after all a city with endless possibilities, built to help its people flourish.

Living green is a lifestyle, and choosing to live in an environmentally conscious building facilitates your ability to perform daily tasks in a more sustainable manner. So, while the world-class facilities; like two ICSE schools – Lodha World School and Pawar Public School, a FIFA standard football stadium, multi-sport arena, cricket grounds, a 9-hole golf course, grand clubhouses, Xperia Mall with a PVR multiplex along with exciting shopping and dining options and much more; set it apart, the city is designed to make life as convenient as possible, in an ecologically sustainable, safe and secure environment.

Many builders claim to provide you with an infrastructure that is world-class, but the final result at the time when you get possession is completely different. So we were a bit reluctant when we heard about the facilities provided by Team Lodha before we actually visited The Palava City.

As we entered the city, we saw the wide, tree-lined avenues. Each building has its own play area for kids. There were butterflies & birds all over the city which were attracted by the greens & freshwater resources. The city had a unique art installment in each corner which was either recycled or eco-friendly. The street lights had a solar panel installed and after talking to the residents they confirmed that they were indeed solar street lights.

The city has more than 2 lakh trees and saplings planted. When you are at Palava you feel the environment is so inviting that you will spend more time outdoors than indoors. The waste from the city is processed to make soil improver, compost or fertilizer and then given to the citizens to use in their own gardens or used in the city plantation. A biogas plant is set up near the city to convert the solid waste into electricity. There are many water bodies in the city, and these water bodies are filled with treated water from the sewage plant. Palava practices Rainwater Harvesting and nearly 10% of the city’s public spaces use solar electricity. So the city aims to REDUCE the consumption of resources, REUSE the resources and RECYCLE the used resources, maintaining the balance of nature.

We realized by the end of our tour that Palava is a smart city where nature and urban life indeed coexist in perfect harmony. The security system, the infrastructure, the recreational and sports opportunities are all part of the city which is world-class. But in times when we are surrounded with concrete jungles and pollution; water scarcity and consumption of non-renewable energy is at its peak, Palava offers its citizens to be active members of the community for a change. Palava supports renewable energy and ensures that world-class quality is maintained, but not at the cost of nature.

If you do choose to move into a reputable green space, you can guarantee that your experience will be hassle-free, as true eco-conscious developers like Lodha take immense pride in the construction and maintenance of their buildings.

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