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Millennials are changing the way our society functions

Let’s all take a moment to thank Gen Y or the Millennials, as they are now called, for taking up the right causes and creating a better world for us all.

Let us also thank Gen Z for being so accepting and joining us in everything that was important.

And a very special mention to Gen Alpha for being born into this world and for giving us all a reason to think, question the status quo and make different choices.

The waves of movements that the Millennials started have now reached places and the voices are being heard and followed by many . While we still have a long way to go in a developing country like India, it has started here too. All over the world, youth is taking charge in being the change they want to see.  

It is difficult to list down all the movements that have impacted us as a generation. So, not in any particular order, here are a few of the most significant ones that I can think of. 

?Eco-friendly wave

Turning our heads around and raising our voices for Mother Nature beats everything else for me. Because without a healthy planet where will we even be?

Here are some Eco-friendly products that we love –


Turning on the feminism button and bringing patriarchy a notch down in the process, has been one of the best outcomes of the last decade. As we saw Disney rewriting its fairy tales, we also witnessed a rise in the number of girl bosses all over the world. More women are in the workforce today and even more are coming out of colleges, armed with degrees to make their mark in the world.  


A community that can love freely now! The society failed them but they stood up for themselves and so many others to come.


Because, believe it or not, we do exploit animals for our own selfish reasons. It’s high time we understand that climate change and exploitation of other species by mankind are all interconnected.

?Technology & the Internet

Without them, everything above would have not been possible. Technology has helped us reach Moon and has helped change the lives of people we haven’t even met! It has made working so much easier for us.

Here are some gadgets that I personally use & love –


Creativity is taking center-stage again finally. So many of us were allowed to attend film schools and take up offbeat professions as so many of us rebelled to follow our passions! All in all, creativity won!

Here are a few books that I love –


While the marketing world has forced us to believe that we need things to be happy, there are those who are spreading the message of using minimum resources to live a fulfilling life. While some learned it by getting inspired by monks, personal accounts have also inspired so many others. Like these two below.

Read these books if you want to take the first step –

?Mental Health, self care & Self Love

This is my favourite one and I am what I am only because of the awareness around mental health and self love. Don’t we all agree how important it is to create a safe space where we all can talk about our fears and share our thoughts? Doesn’t it always help to talk it out to someone when you’re stressed? Doesn’t it feel good when we don’t care above shaving our arms because people around us feel we should? 

Here are some books that keep me sane –


Not only were we giving a platform to share, we were heard & believed. We were also given the legal aid that we needed by amazing lawyers.

?‍?Single Parents

A rise in the number of single parents demanded new laws and regulations that were there for us and not against us. Society is finally coming to terms with this idea and it’s refreshing.

Phew! That’s a long list and yet, I know there are so many positives to be carried forward from the last decade. Let me know if you can think of more!

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