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Organization hacks that helps the lazy person in me with house chores

I am generally a lazy person. The one who has that chair in the house that is always filled with freshly washed batch of clothes sometimes for weeks. It’s been little over a month since the lockdown was announced and the organization obsessed me has taken full control of the house with no time to waste on tasks that later on overwhelm me.

I am a full time working single mom to an Homeschooling X Unschooling 5 year old. My child was always unschooled and that’s the way of life we choose for ourselves. We stay with my retired mother in Mumbai, the number one hotspot for Covid – 19 in India. I have learnt that every family member can help no matter what their age. And I am grateful for having a supportive family that understands that the mom needs help too.

Here are my time saving (read – life saving) hacks that help me around in the house –

Do the dishes right after each meal

I am a foodie, I love food more than any material thing. Morning Fruits & Tea, Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner are the 6 meals I and my family have every single day. One privilege I am grateful for is, having food in our plates right now. And one habit I am grateful for is cleaning the pans, pots and dishes right for the meal.

We have a rule and being a single unschooling mother this rule comes in handy to teach my toddler a very important life skill. Everyone in the house has to serve the food to themselves (unless its too hot or unreachable for the toddler) and everyone has to clean their plates and bowls and wash them in the sink with tap water. Post the meal I just wash the utensils with liquid soap and water and leave them to dry. This helps the lazy in me to postpone the tasks and build a pile of dishes that spoil my mood.

My Work Bag

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I am a creative head, if you ask me I can sit and write for hours or work on graphics whole night. To set some boundaries, I have successfully transitioned to the work bag mode. I put my laptop, iPad, earphones, stylus, planner, notebook and gadget cleaning supplies along with the chargers in my bag and call it a day. The next day all I have to do is take my bag and sit at my work desk and follow the routine. No laziness to carry the laptop to the wardrobe or anywhere as everything has its place.

10 Mins of Dusting till your Tea/Coffee brews

I am going to be very frank here, I don’t like dusting at all. My mother is has allergic asthma which is triggered by dust. So by default this chore falls into my department. And I believe in eating the frog first thing in the morning. So even before having my morning Chai, I get done with it quickly. One thing I never understood is how the heck does the dust come back again the next morning.

Batch cooking

One thing that I learnt from my full time working mother is batch cooking. While I still don’t the the sacred art of rolling the Chapatis or Bhakris, we still roll the bhakris twice a week and refrigerate them for almost 3 days.

So That means no making Chapati or Bhakri every day. We mostly have bhakris now as it saves a lot of our time. Whenever we want to have, we just cook them and have them hot.

Another task that is done twice a week is chopping or sorting of vegetables and freezing them. This is how we manage to cook at least 5 meals a day and have variety.


Since the lockdown our society’s cleaning helpers have stopped coming for work and rightly so. Our society committee has also ensured safety of its citizens by enforcing strict timings. Which means we have a few hours every day to go out and do our work. So what we do is take all the vegetable & fruit waste and store it in our freezer. And every 3-4 days I take the garbage out of the society where the local municipality has set up the Bins. So Instead of 7 trips out of the home, I make only 2. But there are a few conditions which I have written below.


While we have bulk stored most of the necessary items is that we don’t have to make trips to the Grocery store. Fresh products like Milk, Vegetables, Fruits and breads still need to be brought every few days a week. So twice a week when I get ready to throw the garbage, at the same time

I make a trip to the market and stock one – two week worth of produce. But I always go out with the 2 most important things.

Mask & a eco friendly bag, because using plastic bags is not cool no matter what you are buying and wearing a mask is too under rated even after so many awareness campaigns by the government and citizens. Also, do carry your own hand sanitiser incase your society doesn’t have it at the main entrance. It is of utmost important that you and your community stays safe during this pandemic.

PS –

If you feel that I am chilled out and managing everything effectively, let me tell you that its a misconception. Currently, I have multiple mental illnesses and this pandemic has made things worse for me even more with no option to see my doctor or take my homeopathic medicines. Even though I have been a homeschooling mom for the past 3 years I am still totally struggling with it.

We recently shifted to a new place and we have no washing machine here so I am absolutely struggling with laundry. As I have never washed laundry with hands and it is an extremely tiring task that makes me anxious on most days. I am doing my Master’s in Psychology and my assignments have taken a complete back seat. I am working on multiple projects at the same time and trying sustain my new founded start up. On most days I don’t show up on some projects and my tadka sometimes gets burned because I am a walking talking mess. Life is not perfect. I have flaws just like you but I try to make it a Flawsome Life.

Love, Miss Harshala

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