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Pregnancy and the ‘muft ka gyaan’

“I loved all the gyaan given to me in pregnancy”, said no mother ever! Honestly, when I was pregnant, as much as I loved all the care and attention I was receiving from both my families, I completely detested the constant inflow of advice which was guided my way. Even though I knew even back then, that it was all coming from a good place, sometimes the sheer weirdness of those well-meaning instructions used to make me lose my mind. What option did have but to put a smile on my face and brave through the phase? Whenever I look back at my pregnancy, I often think about all the pregnant women who are going through the same season of life right now. To help all my lovely preggo friends, here are some tips and tricks that I used to tackle the well-intended but totally unwanted advice that came way when I was pregnant:-

  1. Remember, this will be over one day– You are not going to be pregnant forever with this baby. The mantra ‘This too shall pass’ can actually put your mind to ease. If an elder of your family is trying to impose their opinion on you, just remember that this phase won’t last very long.

  2. Avoid conflict– There may be a situation in which you may find yourself to be cornered in your own home. In the name of care and concern, sometimes the Indian relatives completely forget that the women carrying the baby is also an adult and is completely capable of making intelligent decisions for herself and the baby. This often lands us women in a situation which could lead to a conflict of opinions. However, I feel that at this point it is best to avoid any unnecessary confrontation and keep calm. Any unnecessary clash or conflict will only add to your stress.

  3. Talk it out!– Sometimes, talking your heart out with your elders may surprisingly bring in some practical results. More often than not, in Indian set-up, women feel stuck and helpless while dealing with the family. If you feel that something is bothering you deeply or you have been asked to do something in pregnancy that you are not comfortable with, try to politely put across your point. Remember to be firm but not rude.

Even the smoothest pregnancies can become rough if there is a lack of a solid support system. It is best to deal with your family with a smile even when they are being impractical. But remember to draw your lines. Be polite but never get on board with something that you are not comfortable with.

Hopefully, all these tips will help you in dealing with pesky pieces of advice. What is the weirdest advice that you had got in pregnancy?

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