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The career track for a Stay-at-home-mum !!

Keep refreshing your skills

As a SAHM, you might not use most of your professional skills and as a result, you tend to forget them. To keep yourself updated all the time, keep brushing your skills and learn a few new ones to stay on the competitive edge with other professionals.

Keep your Linkedin profile updated

Being unemployed doesn’t mean that you should not keep your work profile updated. You can still have a LinkedIn profile which is always updated with your latest skill-set. Complete any missing areas in your profile, reach out to your former colleagues and add them as connections. You can even request them to write recommendations for you.

Pursue your passion/hobby

Even with your current status as a SAHM, keep the spark of your passion alive. Make sure to pursue your passion or hobby which brings you a feeling of fulfilment. If time permits, you can chase your passion as a career option also.

Enrol for new courses(online/classroom)

Even if you are on a sabbatical, try to enrol for a new course to enhance your skills. This will help you to refocus your thinking, add new energies and inspiration to your life.

Stay connected with former colleagues

Do not cut off ties with your former colleagues. Stay in touch with them through Whatsapp, Google chat or texts and also through meet-ups. This will help you to stay abreast with all the latest technology in your industry.

Join a professional association

You must join a professional association to be able to meet like-minded people who are passionate about the same things as you are. It will help to create a network for yourself and look for opportunities as and when required.


The best way to stay competitive and meaningful as a SAHM is to take up part-time work or freelancing work. Based on your skill-set and experience, you can take up small projects. This way you get the best of both worlds – being a full-time mother to your kid and using your skill-set to earn extra money for yourself.

Challenge yourself

To keep your mind sharp and skills up-to-date, keep challenging yourself. Set small goals for yourself to keep growing and moving forward in life.

Stay social

Try to build social media presence by showcasing your previous work accomplishments, latest skill-set and recent endeavours. This will help you to have a readymade portfolio to highlight your work while you head back for job interviews.

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