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The only thing that might be failing you

They say nothing can prepare you for life. The matter of fact is that if you get just one thing right when you start your journey you are sorted for life. Today, I will be talking about that important thing (read the most important thing) your MINDSET.

The mind is a person’s ability to think, reason, feel, react and make decisions. Basically it the dictator of your life. Today, whatever you are, wherever you are and whatever you are doing is because of your mind.

Some people say follow your heart and some say follow your brain. The truth is nor your brain or your heart is what you follow. You follow that bloody dictator mind. Sadly mind takes decisions based on your emotional experiences (both good and bad). Logic many a time goes missing when you make decisions only to realize it later when the damage is already done.

Cultivating a healthy and positive mindset is what we need to start and Flourish in pursuit of anything that we are hoping for ourselves.

It is not that tough to take control of your life, business, career or anything else if you understand and follow what I have written below.

Find your calling

To cultivate a mindset about something, you first need to identify that thing. To chase a dream you first need to know what your dream is? What is your calling? What is it that you crave for? Find what your dream is and chase it! Identify what you wish from life and ask your mind to accept it as your command.

Sometimes it gets too overwhelming to find your calling. There are so many things you want to do and achieve in life that you actually end up doing nothing. Do you want to be a freelance content creator, or do you want to start a blog, do you want to start your own business or you want to be in a 9-5 job or do you want to own that house? The possibilities are endless when you dream. One good way to find out your calling is to spend some alone time with your mind. Grab a diary and brainstorm. Think about your life 10 years from now. What would you love doing for 10 years without thinking about any secondary thing like money or responsibilities? Once you know it pat yourself because you just found out your wish!

Own it

Once you know what your calling is, make it yours. Own it! Not only the dream but also the responsibility of making it a reality. It is your sole duty to fulfill your dream and no one else’s. Nothing will happen unless you do it. If you are hungry maybe someone can cook for you but you still have to put the food in your mouth and chew it by yourself and digest and eliminate it yourself. Similarly, if you want something you need to work hard for it, you are allowed to fail at it but never allowed to give up. You should crave for it enough before it comes to you.

Find your Tribe

It takes a village to raise a child. I firmly believe in it. You are as inexperienced as a child when you start and work until you earn a living out of it. You need people around you who are not your competition but your tribe. Finding support is not that easy, but hey there! I got your back! Join my Facebook group Flourish Tribe and get the support that we all need.

Moment of truth

Success doesn’t come on the first day nor does it come on the 200th day if you don’t work hard for it. Working for yourself needs a lot of discipline, dedication, and PATIENCE! If you are working for money, you will quit within 6 months and if you are not bothered about your dreams than you might get stuck with it for years without making any success.


Even after getting the first 3 steps in place you feel you are still not making any success then you need to look back and see if you prioritized your tasks. You have to write a blog post or a business plan but you never really wrote it or even if you did start, you are yet to complete it. It’s simple it’s not your priority. Your dream is not your priority and you are ok with not doing anything as long as you are earning money.

Get over it

People, emotions, places, and experiences. Get over it whatever is holding you back. Nothing of your past or present should stop you from making your future happiness. But for that, you need to start acting right now! In your Present. I have a very painful past with sexual abuse, physical abuse, broken relationships and single motherhood but the day I left the past where it belongs, my life changed forever. But before that, every decision I made was related to my past experiences. And that hampered my career a lot! So the choice is yours, you control it or let it control you.

Make it your only option

This worked wonders for me. I quit my job after following the above points and then made my dreams my only option. I will never suggest you quit your job but conceiving the thought that your dreams are your only option makes you work harder for them. They are your only rescue and you need to work for yourself to chase those dreams.

Fake it, till you make it

I own this one to THE SECRET series by Rhonda Byrne. She taught me how to fake it till you make it! I highly recommend reading her books to cultivate a positive mindset.

Even before you become a blogger, a freelancer, an entrepreneur, a graphic designer or anything that is your dream, you need to start accepting that you already are a blogger, a freelancer, an entrepreneur, a graphic designer and make all the changes in your life that you would have actually made if you became a success one.

I wanted to keep my daughter at home with me so that I could homeschool her and watch her grow up while I became a successful blogger, vlogger, and educationist. I started it right away even before I resigned. And you know how it made me feel? Happy and confident as a person.

Small things like buying a bookshelf when you are successful or having a work desk or home office when you get successful or having your own office space when you are successful are your desires? Then make them a part of your present life today, make a DIY bookshelf or work desk. Rent an office space on Awfis.

Vision Board

I own this one to the internet and again Rhonda Byrne. If you want to live in that house or own that laptop or office space.. have it in front of you every single day. And the best way to do this is making a vision board. I prefer a physical one over digital one. You can also make one on Pinterest but a real one works more effectively.


This has by far been the best decision of my life and is helping me every single day to get my shit together even after having Bipolar disorder.Planning is the best thing ever you can do. And trust me it is like therapy when you have all the above things sorted. I prefer a simply ruled diary to brain dump everything I have on my mind and then a planner to break it down periodically.

That’s it for now!

Let me know if you find this blog post helpful in the comments below!

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