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Sshhhh!!! Don’t say it aloud. “Log kya kahenge?”, “Kali khil chuki hai”, “Tauba, Tauba”. Does any of this ring a bell? If not let me offer you a better version of this. Something you will easily relate to. Cherry, mudcherry, deflowering, poppy curtain, V-card, vajayjay, dewy cherry. If these words send a blood rush to your cheeks then you guessed it right. The always happening topic of all the seasons is none other than Virginity.

Before you hit the bull’s eye with your eyebrows raised skyhigh, let us agree that the subject of virginity is most sought after, yet, so sneakily discussed in the 21st century.

DEFLOWERING. As sassy and adorable as it may sound, it just means losing your virginity.

So how exactly has this scathingly hot topic been moulded over the years by the society? Let’s take a look.


From Ladka Sayana hua hai to Kahan mooh kala karke aye, bollywood has come a full circle on the concept of virginity. One of the prime reasons people are still confused over voicing their opinions on virginity is because of the way cinema has portrayed it over the years. If you are good at research and a gyaani observer, you will witness that virginity has always been sexist in all mainstream cinemas. While a man is hailed and celebrated, a woman has always been shackled with judgement. The only positive factor amidst all this is that some path-breaking writers and directors have come together to rebuild this concept and release it from the gender microscope.


Whether or not to lose virginity is strictly a personal choice. But it’s an unspoken tradition where the entire community has to wail at the top of their lungs if a woman loses her virginity. We as humans are sane enough to make our choices unless being forced into. While we talk about personal space, it is mandatory to note that personal space does not differ for single girls or married ones. Unless you are mentally and physically ready for this, no one, and I repeat no one has the right to be judgemental about you.


While we are talking about mediocre judgements, a girl who speaks boldly about her virginity cannot be considered available and the one who is still a virgin cannot be termed as a sissy. Also, there is no gender stereotyping here. Not all men who talk about virginity are perverts and those who don’t are no losers. Devious minds are like rubber bands. They change their shapes and opinions in no time.

Dear desi millennials, it is okay to say no to something if you do not believe in the authenticity of the subject. Losing virginity does not make you a slut and having it doesn’t make you a saint either. So pull up the curtains on these boilerplates and remember that no one has a say when it comes to your vajayjay.


Welcome to the world of the 21st century where on one hand we have reached Mars while on the other we indulge in virginity tests. Did that shock your gut and make you cringe?? Really? If yes then, you are still enjoying the warmth of your cocoon and do not wish to be bamboozled by the vague ways the world works.

Prominently known as the two-finger test, virginity tests are conducted to determine whether a woman has had any intercourse. The United Nations Women and World Health Organisation have put a strict ban on these examinations, but, as the world is a nasty place, these tests are still secretly conducted across the world.

According to Google research, approximately 20 prominent countries in the world still illegally conduct these tests claiming to have a better future generation. As cringe-worthy as it sounds, these kinds of tests need to be addressed seriously.

While we are on the subject, it is also important to note that, hymen rupture is not just caused due to intercourse but also heavy workouts, cycling, sports or even accidents. So if you have never had intercourse and still do not bleed your first time, DO NOT PANIC. It might be because of heavy physical activity.


Oh! Mi Lady, no one in this world can teach you self worth and that is one thing you need to learn by yourself. Let people not define you by something that is your own, a power you were born with. A paper-thin skin sleeve cannot decide your character. We as women have been bestowed with the power to procreate and hence, being a virgin or not is entirely your choice.

Societal scavengers have always been mean and capricious. Let that not halt your aura in the walk of life. Your hymen is not your weakness; in fact, it is your biggest strength. So shake off the dust, sharpen your liner and walk like you own the world.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Any omissions or errors are the author’s and A Week In Life does not assume any liability or responsibility for them.

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