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We are officially a part of NETFLIX’s #StreamTeam

By now we all know that NETFLIX has come to India. Which means no more torrent downloads and searching numerous websites and be a part of piracy. If you haven’t yet created an account on NETFLIX click here to create one right now! It’s FREE for one month! AND we are officially part of NETFLIX‘s #StreamTeam!

So how did we make it to NETFLIX‘s #StreamTeam?

I got a call from the PR Team of NETFLIX asking me if I would like to collaborate with them. For the first few minutes, I was dumbfounded and I just agreed with whatever the sweet lady spoke. Once I realized it was really happening, she asked me if I am free to attend their event. And of course, I said a YES.

So that’s exactly how it happened. In my 4 years of blogging career I never really agreed to collaborate with brands and when I was finally ready, I feel I got the best brand to Debut with (Yes I was and I still am very choosy to work with brands because I feel that endorsing a brand whom I don’t connect to is not why I took up blogging)

Who exactly is the #StreamTeam?

So NETFLIX chooses the members of #StreamTeam. They choose only 15 parenting influencers from a country to be a part of their #StreamTeam and in India, I am one of those few. The #StreamTeam gets access to exclusive NETFLIX content before the rest of the audience. We get to share our opinions with NETFLIX & discuss the content (more on this in my next post). When a new show is up on NETFLIX we are notified about it first. Our families get special goodies from NETFLIX to make our NETFLIX experience more special.

How does it feel to be a part of the #StreamTeam?

I was a filmmaking student, but I never really got a chance to be a student. Watching films, observing the technicalities, living the experience is what I missed in my graduation course because Ira was too small and I was too emotional to leave her behind. So I guess the Universe wanted me to live my life without regrets and here I am watching global cinema and living my life without any regrets. So that’s exactly how I feel.

What does it mean to our lovely little family over the internet?

It means I will be sharing some really interesting shows, films, and new releases before they are released for the rest of the world. You guys will get an exclusive sneak peek into NETFLIX through us.

When we were invited by NETFLIX!

So I was invited to a super awesome evening with NETFLIX at Four Seasons, where I met fellow bloggers & influencers who are also part of NETFLIX’s #StreamTeam.

This was my first event as a blogger after being a mom. And after years I wore a dress. (I look like a kid here).

We met the NETFLIX’s Team who flew down only to meet us. We influencers had discussions about various things related to content and our concerns as parents. Here is a sneak peek into the event.

So that’s how my first meet with Netflix looked like!

Thanks for dropping by!



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