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What is Veganism or Vegan Food?

The first thing that people tell me when I say being Vegan is really easy is “Yaar but maine kabhi Vegan Khana nahi khaya hai.” And when they say this, I generally want to ask them “ Kyu tumhare ghar pe chawal, dal, roti nahi banti?” I understand India is known for its food and Indians for being foodies. Believe it or not, Vegan food is made every single day in our Indian kitchens. It is very easy to put together Vegan ingredients and make your own Vegan meal. But for that you need to understand what Veganism is. Many think that Veganism is restricted to the food that we eat. But Veganism is not just about food. It’s about saying NO to anything made from animals or animal produce. So Veganism is not similar to Vegetarianism, where we don’t eat non – vegetarian food. Veganism is being kind to animals and choosing plant based products. So what are the general products that Vegans don’t use. All dairy products produced from animal milk like cheese, butter, ghee, curd, buttermilk, lassi, paneer, traditional indian sweets, etc also another common product that we use is Honey. So remove these items along with dead fishes, animals and their eggs from your kitchen and you get a Vegan meal which is not only healthy for your body but also a must needed step for our planet. When we talk about other everyday products on your shelf, most of them are the beauty products and toiletries that we use like soap, facewash, shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, deodorants and perfumes, makeup products, etc. There are affordable and better Vegan options available in the market that stay as good as the non-vegan ones. So why torture or kill an animal when you can choose better?

If you have any queries regarding Veganism, please drop them below or send me a direct message. 


Miss Harshala

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