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Why having a mom BFF is important!

You have someone to talk to (more like vent to) –

When you have to listen to a fournado giving you life lessons and much more all day long. It’s good to have someone to talk to like just have an adult conversation, something different than motherhood or parenting or kids OR just vent out and about. She is going to listen to you like an obidient child that you never had.

No Mom Shaming –

She knows you and your struggles and she will never shame you for taking a decision. She is a mom too and totally knows where the decision or emotion comes from.

You stop pouring from an empty glass –

Having mom friends teaches you to be there for yourself. You both know you are the Chef, the HouseKeeper, the Teacher, the friend and much more that your family needs. If there is something that you don’t know how to do, it’s self care. You would prefer cooking an extra dish for your family than reading a book or catching up on some sleep. Even though the mom friend doesn’t indulge in self care, she is there to advice you on how to practice it for you. All she needs is someone to ask her too.

Play Dates are Happy Mom Time –

It’s beautiful to see your friends bonding with each other and sometimes fighting too. Just like your friendship your mini me’s are developing a bond that will always be special to them and going on dates with your kids means some happy mommy time for you too.

They are always there and ready to help –

Your mom friend will always answer your 3 AM calls about which paracetemol to give or what to do in case of false pregnancy alarm. No matter what it is they are there and ready to help.

You can bitch about your kids –

This one is my favourite! Even if you had a cute little baby, the toddler is someone you are still adjusting to. It’s good to bitch about how your toddler won’t eat the brocolli or won’t let you do the pee pee alone.

She won’t be upset when you cancel plans –

A mom BFF is the coolest because there is no teenage drama involved. You miss a party or outing and she is happy to understand why you ditched her at the last moment and if need be she is more than happy to help out.

They know you and your kids –

You and your mom friends know each other very well and with time they start to understand your kids and you undestand their kids. There is this unsaid mutual code between mom friends who help each other with kids and self care.

Mom you are a girl too –

Remember going to the washroom alone without peeking out every 10 mins to check on your kid or going for a movie and actually watching it? Well that is a long lost dream for many but with mom friends you know exactly what it is to forget your life and take up the new role. Only she knows how much has changed on the personal level and knows why its important to remember who you were before kids.

Your Kids are watching –

When you have a friend you like to spend your time with your kids are watching. When you ask for help from your mom friends your kids are watching. When you be the girl with your mom friends your kids are watching. They learn the importance of self care. They learn the importance of asking for help and not being scared or ashamed. They understand that mom is a girl too and its good to see her being one. Because a happy mom is what your kids see you as and this is what they will want to be when they grow up.

Tag your mommy BFF’s in the comment below. Don’t have a mommy BFF? Join our Facebook group to connect with some awesome moms in your city!

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