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Why I choose to homeschool my daughter

Many of you message me about homeschooling. Sometimes just out of curiosity & many times to understand the concept. I am starting the homeschooling series from today where I will share my experiences & also answer your queries. If you don’t know what homeschooling/ unschooling is here are the simple explanations.


Providing your child with learning experiences at home. Many bloggers claim that they are homeschooling their children just to get brands on board or to get the readers attention. Please note – preparing your toddler for school with activities is not homeschooling. Homeschooling is not sending your child to a formal school.


Unschooling is letting the child decide what they want to learn and giving them the freedom to learn (No curriculum). I choose to homeschool my child because I felt opportunities for unschooling in a city like Mumbai are rare. But we might unschool once we feel we are ready for it. So moving to today’s topic –

?WHY did I choose to HOMESCHOOL??

  1. The major reason for me was giving my child freedom.

  2. Learning according to her personality and at her own speed.

  3. I didn’t want to limit her schooling to bookish knowledge.

  4. I want her to explore the arts and sports equally. – We all know as time passes we all either have to be under a constant pressure of doing things or else we have to leave our passions behind.

  5. Because I want her to follow her heart. And no I don’t want her to be under the constant pressure of keeping up.

  6. I choose slow living instead of an unhealthy living full of stress.

  7. The “log kya kahenge syndrome”, bullying & assault are three major issues that we all faced. At some point in our lives. I think my daughter doesn’t need to go through all the crap.

  8. No homework – I am strongly against bookish homework.

  9. Self-motivation I wanted my child to love learning and to be positively involved in whatever she chooses to pursue.

  10. No peer pressure to perform better or to do things because someone else is doing them.

  11. Raising a child who doesn’t need to recover from her childhood.

That’s it for now.. you can ask your questions in the comments! ?

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